NEW GEN RISING equips churches with programs aimed at bringing freedom in a porn-saturated culture. Resources are tailored for ministry age-groups. 

  • Young Adults is designed for over 18s – equipping and empowering young adults to make healthy and sustainable choices for their relationships and future.
  • Teens is designed for high school students – creating space to explore the impacts of porn culture and the value of healthy identity, relationships and sex.
  • Kids is designed for two separate age brackets (upper and lower primary year levels) – meeting the emerging needs of children faced with growing up in a hypersexualised and porn-saturated culture.

NEW GEN RISING provides churches with educational materials that create understanding and inspire opportunities to bring this pressing cultural issue into the light. The goal is to promote ‘shame-free, fear-free awareness.’

PORN CULTURE refers to a culture where the images, narratives, norms and stories of porn permeate into the mainstream, and are internalized and normalized. These cultural voices shape how the majority of the population understand identity, relationships and sex. In a porn culture, sexual violence is reframed as “sex” and women are viewed as disposable sex objects undeserving of equality, dignity and agency.


NEW GEN RISING is an initiative of Youth Wellbeing Project–a social enterprise based in Brisbane, Australia. Our global vision is to support children and young people to think critically about porn and other cultural influences, enabling them to develop safe and healthy relationships. Youth Wellbeing Project promotes safe & healthy relationships free from tech & sexualised harms through research-based education.

Youth Wellbeing Project presentations, programs, and resources offer a positive and respectful approach to relationships and sexuality that understand young people’s developmental stages and respond to the researched harms of pornography. We provide research-based education to guide children and young people to avoid the onset of risky sexual behaviours (online and offline) that may contribute to emotional, psychological, social and other health risks.

NEW GEN RISING is designed for delivery in Christian churches. For educational settings, we recommend IQ PROGRAMS, designed for independent and public schools.