NEW GEN RISING equips churches with programs aimed at bringing freedom in a porn-saturated culture. Resources are tailored for ministry age-groups. 

  • Young Adults is designed for over 18s – equipping and empowering young adults to make healthy and sustainable choices for their relationships and future.
  • Teens is designed for high school students – creating space to explore the impacts of porn culture and the value of healthy identity, relationships and sex.
  • Kids is designed for two separate age brackets (upper and lower primary year levels) – meeting the emerging needs of children faced with growing up in a hypersexualised and porn-saturated culture.

NEW GEN RISING provides churches with educational materials that create understanding and inspire opportunities to bring this pressing cultural issue into the light. The goal is to promote ‘shame-free, fear-free awareness.’

PORN CULTURE refers to a culture where the images, narratives, norms and stories of porn permeate into the mainstream, and are internalized and normalized. These cultural voices shape how the majority of the population understand identity, relationships and sex. In a porn culture, sexual violence is reframed as “sex” and women are viewed as disposable sex objects undeserving of equality, dignity and agency.


NEW GEN RISING is an initiative of Youth Wellbeing Project, an Australian grassroots community organisation with a global vision to positively impact youth sexuality and wellbeing. We provide insight into navigating life, healthy relationships and sexuality by equipping young people with essential knowledge to make informed life decisions. Through our presentations & programs, and professional development for staff, we help young people make sense of the world’s mixed messages and inspire them to live a life of worth, confidence and purpose.

NEW GEN RISING is designed for delivery in Christian churches. For educational settings we recommend IQ PROGRAMS, designed for independent and public schools.

7 principles of whole-person centred sexuality education


Recognises that valuing self and valuing others are essential pillars to building satisfying and equitable relationships.


Equips young people with accurate information to make proactive and healthy choices that enhance their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual & relational wellbeing.


Promotes empathy and relational boundaries which enable young people to communicate respectfully across personal, cultural and social differences.


Prioritises the prevention of sexual harms by building social and emotional intelligences.


Positions pornography within an exploitative framework. Critical Porn Analysis allows young people to explore the mechanisms driving the porn industry and its impacts on self, others, relationships and culture.


Understands that sexuality is influenced by internal and external forces and situated within a much larger complex model of personal identity. Sexuality interacts with the other areas of personal identity such as self-esteem, self-confidence and self-expression.


Creates awareness that sexual integrity is valuing, developing and expressing sexuality in ways that are non-exploitive, mutually wanted, unifying and life enhancing. Sexual integrity is foundational to meaningful and authentic connection.


Our vision

Youth Wellbeing Project provides holistic relationships & sexuality education to prevent sexual harms, enhance children and young people’s social and emotional relationships, and fortify youth within a hypersexualised culture.

Youth Wellbeing Project presentations and programs offer a positive and respectful approach to relationships and sexuality that understands the developmental stages of young people. We promote awareness of ethical behaviour, consent, love and respect, each of which form the basis of sexual experiences free of coercion, discrimination and violence. We provide professional and educational direction to guide young people to avoid the onset of risky sexual behaviours that may contribute to emotional, psychological, social and other health risks.

Our Approach 

The Holistic Model of Sexuality depicts the internal and external forces at work in and around our personal identity. Human identity is a wonderful and complex phenomenon, partly distinguished through the complex and continuous interactions that occur between these internal and external environments. No two people are the same, and the effects of these interactions will vary from person to person. This is why the fingerprint is a perfect emblem of personal ‘identity’. The Holistic Model of Sexuality is designed to capture the process in which these environments are negotiated, and allows for a critical examination of the factors that influence our personal identity. The Holistic Model of Sexuality provides foundational framing for all Youth Wellbeing Project programs.